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Chinese economic miracle, cheap labor, communist planned economy, Chinese economic slowdown, trade war, repression of the entrepreneurs, media control in China, Chinese debt crisis, real estate bubbles, declining Chinese birth rate, Asian tigers, capital outflow from China, militarization of China


Based on official PRC statistics and analytical data obtained from modern scientific and public research, it follows that the so-called Chinese economic miracle has ended. The rapid development of China was driven using cheap labor and the open-door policy for Western investment under the rules of basic market laws after Deng Xiaoping's 1977 reforms. All three factors have exhausted their resources. Further growth in living standards and education began to pose a danger to the communist regime. Ignoring the laws of the free market economy, creating artificial plans for stimulating growth, repressing the entrepreneurs, sanctions pressure, an arms race, aggressive plans in the region and demographic changes inevitably lead to dangerous consequences - a slowdown in economic growth, debt load and capital outflow.


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